In the mid 1990’s, the hospital market for outpatient wound care and hyperbaric services was in its earliest stages and highly fragmented. Through a handful of small manufacturers and regional service companies, new hospital and outsource company partnerships developed, with a service tailored to meet the needs of a growing elderly and diabetic population with non-healing wounds and related complications. A wide range of advanced wound care products and devices were also being developed — all focused on this growing demand. In 1996, a new service was launched by a company called National Healing Corporation. This service organization was compliance focused, and committed to best physician driven practices and patient outcome driven care. From 1996 through 2011, that company grew into one of the premier wound care and hyperbaric medicine service providers in the industry, with a focus on clinical quality and a philosophy that was hospital customer driven. Largely responsible for that hospital partner success was the current CūtisCare™ management team. With deep experience in the wound care and hyperbaric medicine service industries   and the hospital outpatient service market, the team has organized again to market a new and expanded wound care and HBOT service line with CūtisCare™.

In February 2016, CūtisCare™ completed its acquisition of OxyHeal Health Group, the nation’s leading provider of multi-place hyperbaric services for acute care hospitals, including major research hospitals and trauma centers.