Partners in outpatient wound care.

CūtisCare™, with its flexible and innovative business models, is poised to provide its hospital partners with expertise to solve their patients chronic wound problems.

An aging population, combined with the rise in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, has created the need for specialized wound care in an under served patient population.

  • Of the more than 7 million Americans who would benefit from specialized wound care services, less than one million patients are currently being treated in a dedicated outpatient hospital wound care setting.
  • Chronic wound needs are highest among the growing diabetic population representing approximately 24 million Americans.

The combination of CūtisCare™ and the OxyHeal Health Group creates a premier provider of wound care management services and helps our hospital partners and specialized physicians to distinguish themselves as the leading medical provider in their communities. The combined company will provide hospitals, physicians and patients with significant clinical and operational benefits, including:

  • Expertise in both monoplace and multiplace HBO chamber technology as an adjunctive wound therapy
  • Outstanding physician and clinical staff training with CME accredited education programs
  • Increased operational success resulting from unparalleled expertise in opening and managing wound care centers
  • Best in class clinical outcomes and continuous quality improvement
  • Compliance benchmarking
  • Enhancing your ability to serve patients and expand your hospital outpatient services across the healthcare continuum.

CūtisCare™ is committed to work with our hospital partners utilizing a professional consultation needs assessment approach:

  • Define the compelling need for your chronic wound patient population.
  • Integrate our wound care solutions into a hospital’s strategic vision and plan.
  • Collaboration to offer solutions that provide measurable benefits in terms of patient and customer satisfaction.