Offering unsurpassed advanced patient wound care.

CūtisCare™ comprehensive wound healing centers are designed to work in conjunction with the primary or referring physician to establish the most appropriate plan of care for each patient. If you have a patient you believe may benefit from advanced wound care, please click here to contact a CūtisCare™ Center of Excellence to help answer any questions you may have.

CūtisCare™ comprehensive wound healing centers offer unsurpassed patient care for afflicted patients in need of advanced wound care. CūtisCare™ uses evidence-based wound treatment modalities including state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) delivery systems which are designed to treat the full range of patients, from the critically ill and ventilator-dependent, to the ambulatory elective referral. Many of CūtisCare’s™ hospital based wound healing programs have been in continuous operation for over 30 consecutive years giving you an idea of our success improving patient outcomes and delivering optimal financial results for our partner hospitals.

Upon referral, patients will undergo a comprehensive evaluation by a physician trained and credentialed in wound care and/or HBOT. If HBOT is considered appropriate, a treatment plan will be formulated and discussed with the referring physician and patient. Referring physicians will be updated regularly as the patient’s treatment course progresses, and will receive a final summary upon discharge.