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wound care patient satisfaction

How To Increase Wound Care Patient Satisfaction

How To Increase Wound Care Patient Satisfaction Reading Time:¬†3¬†minutes Like customer satisfaction, patient satisfaction and overall happiness should be important aspects of any wound care clinic or medical facility. Patient reviews are a great way to ascertain the overall happiness of the patients that visit your facility but need to be implemented properly. Here are…
Wound Care Reimbursement

Wound Care Reimbursement Guide To Cellular and Tissue-Based Products

Wound Care Reimbursement Guide To Cellular and Tissue-Based Products Reading Time:¬†3¬†minutes Physicians spend a lot of time choosing the correct cellular and tissue-based product (CTP) for their patients. It‚Äôs a key focus of patient care: Ensuring that their wound care treatment plan is progressing well and the patient can see marked improvements. Concurrent to patient…

The Importance Of Accreditation

The Importance Of Accreditation Reading Time:¬†2¬†minutes Individuals and health care providers are now putting more effort into finding programs and centers that are accredited as it not only proves a facility‚Äôs competency, but also shows their astute attention to proper health, safety, and welfare protocols. This is why we at CŇętisCare believe in the importance…

The History of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers in Hospitals

Reading Time: 3¬†minutes In the past 50 years, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been used to treat an increasing number of neurological diseases and wounds. The compression chamber that administers the 100% oxygen administered for various treatment plans has undergone development over the years. Do you know how far back the history of hyperbaric oxygen…
Efficient documentation is the foundation for effective wound care practices

Best Practices For Wound Care Documentation

Reading Time: 2¬†minutes Did you know that up to 20% of all¬†legal medical claims¬†in the United States are wound-related? This is a scary thought for hospitals and clinicians alike who work to heal wounds on a daily basis. Any efficient hospital will take the time to systemize their wound care strategy so that everything works…

Healthcare Compliance For Wound Management Companies

Achieving Compliance in Wound Care: Your Role Reading Time: 3¬†minutes In the world of wound management, compliance with healthcare regulations is paramount. It safeguards both your patients’ well-being and your practice’s reputation. Upholding the highest standards in confidentiality, medical procedures, and employee conduct is essential for building trust and ensuring the best possible outcomes for…
Wound Healing- CutisCare

Wound Healing And The Importance of Nutrition For Older Patients

Wound Healing And The Importance of Nutrition For Older Patients Reading Time:¬†3¬†minutes There are many important factors that affect successful¬†wound care management, but perhaps none are as important as nutrition. Nutrition is especially critical for older patients with wounds that are healing. Medical facilities with a consistent elderly patient population must focus on diet as…

The Importance Of Safety Management In Your HBOT Department

The Importance Of Safety Management In Your HBOT Department Reading Time:¬†3¬†minutes The growth of hyperbaric medical facilities throughout the country and the globe has brought with it, an increase in demand for qualified professionals to uphold the best in patient safety and standards. As more and more medical facilities are incorporating Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)…

The Solution To Effective Wound Diagnosis

Reading Time: 2¬†minutes An in-depth wound diagnosis assessment is vital when ensuring that your patient receives the best treatment for their wound, thereby improving the speed of recovery and reducing the cost to the facility. Did you know pressure ulcers are the¬†second most common lawsuit in patient care? Wound diagnosis is a foundational step in…

The Importance of a Wound Care Strategy

The Importance of a Wound Care Strategy Reading Time:¬†2¬†minutes Being the largest organ of the body, human skin is responsible for several vital functions including contributing to immunity, temperature regulation, sensation and vitamin production. As a dynamic organ, the cells are constantly shedding and being replaced. With a wound or skin disorder, the functionality of…
wound care management can help prevent pressure ulcers

How Wound Care Management Can Help Prevent Pressure Ulcers

How Wound Care Management Can Help Prevent Pressure Ulcers Reading Time:¬†3¬†minutes Did you know that hospitalizations related to pressure ulcers cost between $9.1 to $11.6 billion per year? Pressure ulcers present costly challenges to the patient and healthcare systems increasing the need to educate and train staff on preventative measures. The good news is that¬†wound…
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Partner Spotlight ‚Äď Billings Clinic

Reading Time: 3¬†minutes At CŇętisCare, we work with various healthcare centers to provide flexible and customized healthcare solutions and wound care administration services. A variety of healthcare centers make use of our wound care resources, ranging from hyperbaric oxygen therapy to web and classroom-based medical education. Our new Partner Spotlight series focuses on these various…