Ongoing Education & Shared Wisdom With The CūtisCare Medical Advisory Board

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It’s another new year already, and the entire team at CūtisCare wanted to officially wish all of our clients and colleagues in the medical community a Happy New Year.

At CūtisCare, we design our delivery models to fill a critical void in the wound care treatment and healing space. We are a healing-centric, compliance-driven organization providing innovative, effective, purpose-built clinical solutions for wound care and treatment. We design our solutions to augment the staffing and clinical strengths of our diverse group of partners.  

As we welcome the new year, we want to remind our partners, who are already a part of the CūtisCare network, that they have full access to our physician mentorship program. To our colleagues who are not currently official members of our network, we wanted to share our thoughts on the importance of physician mentorship. 

Juan O Bravo, MD CWSP UHM, CūtisCare Medical Advisory Board and Chairman, sums up the genesis of the program

As the Chairman of CūtisCare’s Medical Advisory Board and a practicing hyperbaric physician for more than 15 years, I’ve seen how important it is to work as a team.  Our physicians come from different specialties, and in our evolving medical field, questions arise at all times. 

…we decided to create a physician mentorship program to address questions about the therapy , its safety, indications, complications, or any other questions related to HBO therapy.

The Medical Advisory Board is constantly striving to improve our client and patient services and solutions. A big part of this process is taking valuable feedback from our clients on an ongoing basis. We are always grateful for the opportunity to grow and improve our business processes, clinical protocols, and solutions based on customer feedback. 

And the entire CūtisCare team wants to make sure we are reciprocating. So we’re making our decades of experience in hyperbaric medicine (HBOT)  available to our physician and clinician partners and colleagues, through a comprehensive mentoring program.  

What should doctors, clinicians, and healthcare leaders expect from our medical Advisory Board’s physician mentorship program? In a word—confidence. 

Our Medical Advisory Board has decades of focused experience in chronic wound care and the practice of hyperbaric medicine. The program provides mentoring for your wound healing center’s Medical Directors and Panel Physicians. This is especially important during the implementation phase of a new service line. Support for your physicians will continue throughout their tenure in wound care and hyperbarics. The mentor-mentee relationship includes:

  • Dedicated mentor education and resources
  • Complex case review
  • Phone or virtual access
  • Assigned mentors during new implementation or transition to CūtisCare wound care management solutions

What’s the goal of the program? To provide a supportive, mentor-to-mentee learning environment that optimizes patient care and supports optimal patient outcomes. And we won’t stop until we accomplish that goal.

Exceptional wound care management takes an integrated team approach. The renowned care team at The UCLA Gonda Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine sums it up:     

Successful care of problem wounds requires an integrated team approach using surgery, antibiotics, physical therapy, and other adjunct care such as hyperbaric oxygen when appropriate.  

The key is an integrated approach. Together, we can all work to mentor each other, since good mentoring is never a one-way process. 

It’s another new year. At CūtisCare, we’re looking forward to making this a better year for wound care patients and their dedicated care teams. But we can’t do it without you. 

Could your hospital, practice, or clinic benefit from improved wound care capabilities?

Our team is laser-focused and passionate about facilitating exceptional patient outcomes through flexible, economical, and innovative HBOT solutions. In a nutshell, we provide hospitals, research facilities, clinics, and private practices nationwide with the integrated partnership they need to implement comprehensive wound care practices and solutions. 

Wound care management and hyperbaric oxygen therapy solutions provide proven treatments designed to:  

  • Help you better serve patients with non-healing wounds in your community
  • Improve your patients’ quality of life 
  • Reduce infections and tissue necrosis
  • Improves wound healing outcomes
  • Lower amputation rates
  • Continuity of care upon hospital discharge
  • Better outcomes with lower cost of care

Are you in the planning phase of establishing a comprehensive wound care center or perhaps re-evaluating your current wound management practice or program? Would you like to become a recognized wound care center of excellence? 

Or do you just have some questions about wound care and Hyperbaric Medicine? 

Either way, we’d love to share our 25 years of knowledge and experience with you. Get in touch with one of our HBOT thought leaders today.