Press Release: Foot Health Awareness: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy’s Critical Role In Limb Preservation


CÅ«tisCare Shares How HBOT is Impacting Limb Preservation.

BOCA RATON, Fla.,Ā April 5, 2022Ā /PRNewswire/ --Ā CÅ«tisCareĀ USA, a leading provider of wound care management services to hospitals and physicians, is raising awareness through its Hyperbaric Aware initiativeĀ of the successes we have seen with limb preservation when hyperbaric oxygen therapy, HBOT, is a part of a treatment plan. Diabetes is a complex disease to treat and manage. However, we are starting to see amputation rates decline when HBOT is incorporated into the treatment plan for those with chronic wounds. Research shows that the vast majority of non-traumatic amputations to the lower extremity are preventable, making the need for diversification in treatment plans stronger than ever before.

When administered correctly, pressurized oxygen helps speed cell repair and form new blood vessels from just one treatment. Repeated exposure gives a lifeline to ischemic tissue and promotes the healing process of chronic wounds, specifically those suffering from diabetic foot ulcers.

There are approximately 200 non-traumatic lower-limb amputations performed each day inĀ the United StatesĀ associated with diabetes. These patients often experience restrictions to the supply of blood needed to support healthy tissue due to restricted circulation. As a result, amputation was far too often the only option for seriously infected wounds that were unresponsive to treatment.

Experts in the field are incorporating hyperbarics as an adjunct therapy.Ā Dr.Ā Louis Pilati, MD, Kettering Medical Center Network and CutisCare Medical Advisor Board physician, recommends the use of HBOT for patients suffering from diabetic foot wounds and has become an advocate for HBOT after seeing the results firsthand. "Use of hyperbaric oxygen in treating these patients has been shown to reduce the risk of major amputation. These patients are complicated and require a team approach. This should include vascular surgery, foot and ankle surgeons, and infectious disease specialists along with the wound care and hyperbaric medicine team."

There is hope for this vulnerable patient population. Healthcare systems that have established dedicated healthcare clinics that are using HBOT are showing significant reductions in amputation rates. CÅ«tisCare offers hospitals customized management solutions to begin providing next-level care for their patients. Committed to the growth and success of each hospital or physician practice. Visit to access more information regarding the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, or even to find a CutisCare Wound Care Center of Excellence.

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