Consider CūtisCare™ as an extension of your hospital patient care team.

We provide 60+ years of combined expertise, are aligned with your goals and committed to your success.

We have recently launched CūtisCare™ University’s online continuing education
for our physicians and clinicians in CūtisCare partner hospitals.

Our clinical teams will be able to choose from a menu of nationally accredited wound care and hyperbaric courses designed to enhance your clinical knowledge base.
Our courses allow you to learn at your own pace, while providing you with continuing education credits.

Next Generation Wound Care

  • Customized market analytics
  • Web based and classroom clinical education
  • Flexible business models
  • Mono-place and multi-place hyperbaric chamber design and service
  • Highly trained hyperbaric technical staff to better assure compliance
  • Ongoing strategic planning
  • Industry information updates
  • Committed focus on hospital outpatient departmental integration
  • Reimbursement Updates and Support