Wound Care & Hyperbarics
Program Management & Staffing

Reveal the Real Potential of Your Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Service Line

Extend your facilities patient care team with the nations leader in Advanced Wound Care

Whether you are in the planning phases of establishing a comprehensive wound center or perhaps re‑evaluating your current wound management company or self‑managed program, choosing the right partner is critical for success.

CÅ«tisCareā€™s business models offer:

  • Comprehensive Management of outpatient Wound Care and Hyperbaric service
  • Flexible staffing options, constructed to meet the financial needs of our partners and the clinical needs of the patients
  • Assistance in optimization of coding, billing and revenue cycle
  • Program growth through targeted marketing efforts within the local medical community
  • Departmental integration in the transition of appropriate patients from inpatient to outpatient
Physician Mentorship

Compliance is Our Priority

As an extension of your hospitalā€™s patient care team, CÅ«tisCare comprehends the risks associated with operating a wound care center and the potential ramifications of substandard audit results. Our experienced team ensures your hospital is consistently prepared for regulatory reviews and audits.

Alleviating Risk

Providing a wound healing center of excellence is a complex orchestration of expertise, clinical compliance, finances, and trust. Through the utilization of best practices, CÅ«tisCare protects patients, physicians, and our partner hospitals. While some organizations may utilize a one-size-fits-all method of care, CÅ«tisCareā„¢ ensures that high-quality care is provided without a prescriptive pathway. As a result, our outcomes are among the best in the industry.

Our business model offers flexible solutions to meet the clinical needs of the patients.

The Support & Expertise Your Team Needs To Thrive

Wound Solutions and Analytics
Extensive Regulatory Preparations and Monitoring
Clinical Expertise
Community Outreach and Growth
Medical Information, Education and Training Resources
Improved Outcomes and Profitability

Learn how a CutisCare partnership can help you deliver cost-effective
and essential wound care in your community.

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