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Whether you have an existing wound care and hyperbaric service line or if you are opening a new program. Community outreach is necessary for the success of your program. Patients with wounds are being treated by many specialties and reside in many care settings. Because of this, a community outreach strategy with technology and campaign content is necessary to do this well. Hospitals frequently struggle to educate hospital and community providers about appropriate patient referrals. CutisCareā€™s community outreach tools help hospital partners achieve year-over-year growth and open new programs with ample patients.

  • Are your patients in your market seeking wound care outside of your hospital?
  • Has your wound care program growth stalled? Are you achieving budget expectations?
  • Do you have technology in place to help increase the effectiveness of individuals performing community outreach? How do you measure effectiveness?
Community Outreach

Program directors at CÅ«tisCare wound healing centers educate healthcare providers in the community about the benefits of advanced wound care and hyperbaric oxygen therapy and give them information about how to access wound healing centers for patients who may benefit. CutisCareā€™s CareAccelā„¢ Growth Acceleration platform is a mobile and desktop application designed with clinical education best practices in mind. The technology gives program directors the data and intelligence to identify healthcare providers in the community that have a propensity for treating patients with chronic wounds. Through trip planning, real-time entry and reporting, and an interactive mapping interface, program directors more efficiently and effectively plan their activities to reach more healthcare providers.

Community outreach assets include:

Monthly Marketing and Media guide (Press releases, editorial, social media)
Campaign content for Wound Care and Hyperbarics
CareAccel Growth Acceleration Platform
Ongoing training and support from CutisCareā€™s Market Development Director

Whatā€™s Different About a CÅ«tisCare Partnership?

25+ Years of Experience

With an unblemished record of compliance and financial stability.

Strong Compliance Footprint

With an embedded company culture of integrity, ethics, and standards.

Dedicated to Hyperbaric Safety

With decades of experience with both Monoplace and Multiplace chambers.

Flexible Business Models

Based on comprehensive needs assessment that realize both cost‑savings & profitability.

Experienced Regional Directors

With a limited number of hospital assignments allowing optimum support for hospital partners.

Custom Analytics & Reporting

Comprehensive & transparent - to optimize your wound healing business.

Advisory Board

That provides guidance about current and emerging clinical trends, technology and research.

Physician Panel Development

Decades of experience in HBOT available to our physician & clinician partners and colleagues


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