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CūtisCare is poised to provide hospitals & private practices nationwide with the expertise to solve their patients’ chronic wound problems. Wound care management and hyperbaric therapy solutions are proven methods to improving your patient’s quality of life, reducing infections, lowering amputation rates and more. At CūtisCare we are proud to offer flexible solutions to meet the unique needs of all hospitals and the communities they serve. We specialize in the intricacies of the complex regulatory landscape of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, with a commitment to compliance, and have partnered with some of the areas leading facilities to help make wound care management more accessible. CūtisCare has managed more than 250 centers with an unblemished record of compliance and financial stability.

Customizable Solutions to Meet the Needs of All Practices

CutisCare provides compliance experts with cost-effective wound care and hyperbaric management
CutisCare provides a supportive physician mentor-mentee learning environment
Wound Care solutions & analytics for a streamlined revenue cycle of wound care & hyperbaric centers
Training and education for wound care and hyperbaric courses at CutisCare University
CutisCare helps its partners fulfill comprehensive management of wound care and hyperbaric services
CūtisCare’s performance improvement system monitors and assesses to improve wound center outcomes
CutisCare's community outreach helps hospital partners achieve continuous growth
Improve Patient Outcomes
Regulatory Preparation & Monitoring

Regulatory Preparation & Monitoring

Vascular Health

Outsourcing your wound care services increases market development and growth Risk avoidance and
are you up to date on the latest hyperbaric oxygen therapy regulations? Clinical optimization are your patients getting the most appropriate care at the right time? Financial optimization does your team have a process in place which will lead to a successful revenue stream? Dissatisfaction with current partner is your current wound care partner delivering on their promises? Market development and growth has your service line growth stalled? Revenue cycle support are claims getting denied?
Get Started Now Outsourcing Market development and growth Risk avoidance and compliance Revenue cycle support Clinical optimization Financial optimization

Innovative, Flexible Wound Care and Hyperbaric Solutions

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