401, 2021

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Late Effects of Radiation

Radiation therapy is a common and highly effective treatment method for many cancers. And, as with any medical treatment, it comes along with side effects. One research study reported that serious radiation complications occur in 5% of patients receiving radiation therapy. In this post we’ll explore radiation injuries and side [...]

812, 2020

Wound Specialists: What They Do & Why We Need Them

Wound Specialists: What They Do & Why We Need Them Chronic, non-healing wounds can be complex. And, if not treated properly -- or in a timely manner -- the risk of amputation increases. Other serious complications include infection, lockjaw, and fasciitis. It’s crucial that patients with non-healing, chronic wounds -- [...]

2910, 2020

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Wound Care Practices and Patients

As of this writing, COVID-19 has been front and center for more than eight months. Changes that initially might have seemed somewhat temporary in March 2020 have become the “new normal,” not just in healthcare but also at businesses, educational institutions, and other public places. At the heart of the [...]

910, 2020

Incorporating Telehealth Into Your Wound Care Strategy During COVID-19

The healthcare industry has always been dedicated to providing safe and sterile conditions for patients, employees, and visitors; so, when this pandemic demanded extra attention to cleanliness and required adapting logistics for social distancing, hospitals and wound care centers were ready.  Even with safety protocols in place at healthcare facilities, [...]

508, 2020

HBOT Treats Much More Than Diving Injuries

CūtisCare has been on the cutting edge of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) indications for decades, partnering with many hospitals across the country to establish successful wound healing centers. The benefits of HBOT and its wound healing properties are sometimes lost on the average patient as they associate HBOT with diving [...]

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