Your Partner for Wound Care Compliance

Policies & Procedures Simplified

Keeping You Updated With Changing Regulations

Hospitals must comply with many regulations and standards causing many of the providers we work with to feel like they are being pulled in a thousand directions trying to remain compliant. From ever-changing healthcare laws, accreditation requirements, licensing, and certification standards, and more you could easily staff a department just to keep up. Added to the frustrations of determining the impacts of changes in regulations or standards, doctors and nurses must have open communication to ensure they are providing the patient with the care they need. Often one, or both, parties are missing critical updates from administration and as a result the patientā€™s care suffers.

With so many moving pieces and changing regulations, itā€™s essential for hospitals to effectively manage their policy manuals. This includes regularly updating policies, distributing them to staff, and making sure they get implemented across the organization.


Your Partner for Wound Care Compliance

Regular policy review is essential for compliance and long term success of an established center, however it is also a critical component of most accreditation processes. To help centers in all stages of their lifecycle we created the CutisCare Compliance Program and Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for all of the organizations we work with, including those conducting business on behalf of CutisCare, CutisCare employees and our Board of Directors. These tools help to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations affecting our business and that of the centers we work with.

CÅ«tisCareā€™s Compliance Program consists of the following Seven Fundamental Elements:

Implementing written policies, procedures and standards of conduct.
Designating a compliance officer and compliance committee.
Conducting effective training and education.
Developing effective lines of communication.
Conducting internal monitoring and auditing.
Enforcing standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines.
Responding promptly to detected offenses and undertaking corrective action.

Our Commitment to Patient Care & Business Operations

CutisCareā€™s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice serve as the basis for creating our culture of compliance for all parties conducting business for and with CutisCare. It is our basic commitment to comply with and monitor federal, state, and local rules and regulations applicable to healthcare and our practices and outcomes. The importance of this Code cannot be overstated.

CutisCare is committed to standing behind its Compliance Program as a driving force to patient care and outcomes and to its business operations. It is our belief that the Board, management team, employees, and contractors shall use these internal controls to more efficiently state, monitor, and adhere to applicable statutes, regulations, and Compliance Program requirements.