Creating Your Team Of Specialists For Successful Complex Wound Treatment

Our team of specialists can offer successful treatment for complex wound problems

Creating Your Team Of Specialists For Successful Complex Wound Treatment

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If your office or hospital struggles to heal complex wounds, you should consider adding a team of complex wound specialists to your patient’s treatment options.

As a large part of the population ages and develops conditions that can result in complex, non-healing wounds, they will need treatment options above and beyond standard procedures that are in place today. If your practice or hospital has yet to consider establishing a versatile and connected Wound Care Center, now is the time if you want to offer solutions to patients who need them.

The Importance of Diverse Approaches

Though diabetes is a front-runner for conditions precipitating complex wounds, arterial/venous compromises, peripheral neuropathy, chronic infection, and biomechanical abnormalities can also result in complex wound development.

Add into the equation the evolution of superbugs, increasing prevalence in flesh-eating bacterial infections, and the pervasiveness of poor diet and lifestyle choices, a ready Wound Care Center (WCC) becomes more necessity than a novelty in the near future.

What a well-connected WCC will bring to your practice are answers to wounds resulting from these ailments and many others. No single approach will take care of everything, and you need competent people that know the options and how to implement them.

Building With Help

When you or your practice decide to build a WWC, there’s a substantial body of regulation that needs navigating before the facility can take flight. Understanding the scope of a particular practice, as it pertains to your state, is necessary to its unencumbered functioning.

For example, the location of a wound on the body will determine whether it can be treated by an MD, DO, nurse practitioner, or DPM, whose scope of practice allows treating wounds on the entire leg in some states, or just the foot in others.

Your time and energy don’t need to be spent deciphering a mountain of regulatory statutes. With an experienced and proven team on your side, you can leave the challenge of Healthcare Compliance in the hands of people who untangle these difficulties every day.

The Basics and Beyond, Covered

Proper care of complex wounds is a combination of science and art. Science in knowing the latest technologies and techniques, art in applying them at the right time for the right patient. A good WCC will have personnel versed in soft tissue reconstruction, revascularization, and correction of biomechanical problems. Such a balance needs specialized training and knowledge, and knowing how to find the right staff to fulfill the needs of your patients is a foundational requirement for a successful WCC, and one that should be crafted by an experienced hand.

Powerful Solutions for Every Challenge

A complete WCC would incorporate an inpatient wound-care strategy for problematic cases and implement case-specific procedures to achieve results as quickly as possible.

  • Inpatient Procedure for High Success Rates

    Close monitoring and caring for the patient ensure that surgical procedures are taking place at the optimum time on their road to recovery.

  • Results-Driven Referrals

    The betterment of your patients guides every decision you make about their care. Rural, nonsurgical, and stand-alone clinics can access the power of a competent, expertly managed WCC through referral.

  • Build What Works for You

    Your WCC will be built to reflect the needs of your patients and the specialty you provide. Some utilize plastic surgery and podiatry at the core of their WCC model, while others lean on hyperbaric medicine for the foundation of their center. Regardless of your practice’s specialty, a Wound Care Center can be built to fit its needs.

Non-healing wounds are a constant discomfort and worry for those that suffer from them, frustration to the facilities that struggle to heal them, and an embarrassment to those that hold on to suffering patients without effective recourse.

Be the solution so many sufferers of chronic wounds yearn for. Be the clinic or hospital that restores them. Build your Wound Care Center with our help, today.

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