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CutisCare Announces Two Distinguished Members

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CutisCare Announces Two Distinguished Members in the Wound-Healing Community, Dr. Juan Bravo and Dr. Louis Pilati, to Join New CutisCare Medical Advisory Board

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CutisCare is a leader in providing next-level resources and technologies to hospital outpatient wound care centers. With the addition and expertise of Dr. Juan Bravo and Dr. Louis Pilati, the newly formed CutisCare Medical Advisory Board looks toward an exciting and transformative future in the advanced wound-healing industry.

CutisCare is continuously evolving to navigate the ever-changing, wound-healing and hyperbaric medicine terrain. This is why the company is excited to announce the creation of the CutisCare Medical Advisory Board and its two newest members: Dr. Juan Bravo and Dr. Louis Pilati. With more than 60 years of combined management experience, CutisCare continues its legacy being a cutting-edge resource for flexible healthcare solutions for wound care and hyperbaric medicine service lines across the country.

The CutisCare Medical Advisory Board will provide input, feedback, and guidance on CutisCareā€™s clinical strategies and will focus on emerging new technologies, future clinical trends in advanced wound care, and communicative education on state-of-the-art wound care practices for its affiliates and provider-clients.

The first board member, Dr. Juan Bravo is a Florida-licensed physician with numerous board certifications including in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine by the American Board of Preventative Medicine and 22 years of experience in wound-healing practices. He currently serves as the Medical Director of RegenQuest, a leader inĀ hyperbaric therapy and advanced wound care in South Florida.

Dr. Louis Pilati, the second member on the board, is an Ohio-licensed physician who specializes in hyperbaric medicine and emergency medicine. HeĀ holds multiple board certifications, includingĀ Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. Dr. Pilati currently serves as the Medical Director of the Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Center and BeavercreekĀ Health Park, part of the Kettering MedicalĀ Center Network in Dayton, Ohio. He brings with him nearly 30 years of wound-healing knowledge.

Dr. Bravo and Dr. Pilati bring expertiseĀ that is invaluableĀ toĀ CutisCare,Ā and CEO Jim Patrick couldnā€™t be more optimistic about the companyā€™s future.

ā€œAt the heart of CutisCareā€™s mission is a commitment to be a resource to hospitals and patients, by providing the highest quality wound care services availableĀ throughout our network of clinics,ā€Ā says Jim Patrick, CEO of CutisCare.Ā ā€œWeā€™re focused on improving patient care and supporting healthy patient outcomes through a multisite, medical and clinical practice model that leads through ongoing education and shared wisdom. Creating theĀ Medical Advisory Board and adding Dr. Bravo and Dr. Pilati as members solidifiesĀ our commitment to that goal.ā€

The board will play a pivotal role in improving communications among providers in the CutisCare clinic network, expanding the companyā€™s collective knowledge base for medical and technological advances in the fieldĀ and increasing educational offerings.

CutisCareTMĀ operates as an extension of your healthcare administration andĀ hospital patient care team. For more information on how we can help you establish a wound care center in your hospital, visitĀ

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