Managing Chronic Wounds Throughout The Holidays

Managing Chronic Wounds Throughout The Holidays

The 2022 holiday season is officially here, and the CūtisCare team wanted to share some thoughts on how patients with chronic wounds can enjoy the holidays and still stay current with their treatments and wound-care plans.  

As a leading provider of wound care management services to hospitals and physicians, CūtisCare is focusing our efforts again this December to encourage the communities we work with to celebrate health and healing this holiday season. For those with chronic wounds, the holidays can prove challenging. From trying to eat right and adhering to medical appointments, the added stress of the holidays can interrupt wound care treatments. With a mission in the marketplace to provide the next generation of outpatient and inpatient wound care, CūtisCare is committed to serving the at-risk population of patients with severe wounds and prioritizing their wound care treatment in 2022, 2023, and beyond.

We’re proud of our mission to bring healing to every community where patients with non-healing wounds need access to the most efficacious wound care treatments available, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  

The holidays should be a busy, joyful time of year for everyone, especially for patients with ongoing treatment plans. Traveling, visiting with relatives and friends, and attending a celebration or two are all healthy activities to enjoy this time of year.  

But as always, we need to make sure to enjoy the food, travel, partygoing, and fellowship with friends and family in moderation. Let’s discuss a few simple, practical ways for patients with chronic wounds to stay healthy this holiday season. 

During this time, there is an increased risk to aggravating pre-existing diabetic foot wounds, exacerbating patient risk through poor diet and exercise, and reducing the clinical efficacy of treatments with unplanned or missed appointments. 

Schedule timely to avoid potential appointment conflicts with your doctor or care team. 

Skipping treatments can slow the healing process and cause additional complications. Some advanced planning and communication will go a long way towards keeping your HBOT treatments and wound care regimens on track. 

Patients with diabetic lower extremity wounds can be more susceptible to dietetic risks during the holiday season, when eggnog, cookies, and other sugary desserts and snacks abound. Diabetic patients can also potentially plan some moderate diet modifications in advance with their physician and care team.

The Forbes Health Advisory Board also provides some additional helpful suggestions for general health maintenance around the holiday season in a recent article.  

It’s the time of year to be joyful, gracious, and grateful. Let’s all make sure we celebrate with moderation top of mind. 

However, when chronic wounds persist, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, or HBOT, can be utilized as an incredible, life-saving therapy in a comprehensive treatment plan to reduce, or even reverse, some of the damage caused by diabetic foot ulcers, soft tissue radionecrosis, osteoradionecrosis, compromised skin grafts and skin flaps, chronic refractory osteomyelitis, and more.

Could your hospital, practice, or clinic benefit from the most advanced, CMS-approved wound care capabilities available?

The entire CūtisCare team is dedicated to pursuing exceptional patient outcomes through comprehensive, dynamic, cost-effective, compliant HBOT solutions. We provide hospitals, research facilities, clinics, and private practices nationwide with the solutions, physician mentoring, and support they need to build a practice around the comprehensive treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds. 

Have you considered adding comprehensive chronic wound care treatment capabilities to your patient community? Would you like to become a recognized wound care center of excellence? 

Maybe you have some questions about wound care and Hyperbaric Medicine. 

Either way, we’d love to share our 25 years of knowledge and experience with you. Get in touch with one of our HBOT thought leaders today.