The Role Of Wound Care Management In A Hospital

Wound Care Management in a Hospital

The Role Of Wound Care Management In A Hospital

Excellence in wound care has a direct knock-on effect that benefits both patients and health care providers. Not to be confused with wound care product companies, wound care management companies are an outsourced healthcare service focusing on a specialized approach to wound care in all areas including clinical, financial, and operational.

What Role Do Wound Care Management Companies Play In Hospitals?

The main reason hospitals outsource their wound care is to focus on their other, more traditional departments that are a much larger percentage of their total operation. Wound care programs are very small compared to other services like management training, surgical and ICU departments. Wound care management companies work alongside the hospital by offering the following:

    • Comprehensive wound care to patients throughout the healthcare system. The wounds include surgical, traumatic, chronic or a combination of all.
    • Providing ongoing primary care to areas like oncology, cardiology, vascular surgery, plastic surgery and orthopedic surgical departments.
    • Coordinating inter disciplinary patient care ensuring that the patient receives continuous systemic wound care from physicians, nurses, dietitians, physiotherapists etc.
    • Collect data from various institutions they service in the area so can provide management with the latest wound care statistics and instill the most effective wound care program for the best clinical outcome in their hospitals.
    • Patients receive up to date wound care using the latest trending wound care products.
    • Burden of wound care is lifted from the overworked nursing and clinic staff. Outsourcing wound care ensures patients receive specialized wound care on time.
    • Health and wound care education are provided to both patients and healthcare providers.
    • Wounds heal faster, the hospital stay is reduced and patient satisfaction increases. Hospital revenue increases because patients choose facilities that have a good reputation.
    • Hospitals are under financial pressure to reduce infection rates, decrease the occurrence of pressure ulcers, patient readmissions and length of stay and increase patient satisfaction reports. Outsourcing wound care ensures that hospitals achieve this.
    • Other areas where wound care management companies aid hospitals include: Compression Therapy, Advanced Dressings, Intra-venous Therapy, Wound Debridement, Nutritional Counseling, Diabetic Education and Lymphedema Management.

The Essential Role Of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy In Wound Care Management

Almost 7 million people, an estimated 2% of the total US population, require care for chronic, non-healing wounds at some point. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a treatment for non/slow healing wounds. Leading studies show that there is a 59% reduction in the size of wounds after only 30 days of treatment. CurtisCare specialize in the treatment of a variety of complex wounds with the use of HBOT. Some examples are:

  • Diabetic, pressure and neuropathic ulcers
  • Wounds resulting from trauma, burns, radiation, surgical procedures and venous insufficiency.

The patient is placed in a chamber and 100% oxygen is pumped into the chamber under a high pressure (atmospheric oxygen is 21%), this results in an increased amount of oxygen reaching the wound to assist with the healing process. Each session lasts about 2 hours and the patient receives daily sessions over a period of a few weeks.

Developing a wound care program not only takes time but also a large section of resources such as staff, education, marketing and finance of any hospital. Hospitals who have chosen to outsource wound care have shown a decrease in length of patient stay, decrease in cost of supplies and increase in patient and health care worker satisfaction.

If you want your institution to have access to relevant wound care and a specialized treatment plan for individual patients, you need to outsource your wound care management. Let CutisCare take care of your patient’s wounds and let your staff provide your patients with the rest of the care treatment plan.

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