Experience quality patient care with Flexible Business Models

Experience quality patient care with Flexible Business Models

Flexible business models aligned with your goals

CutisCare, with its flexible and innovative healthcare business models, is poised to provide its hospital partners with the expertise to solve their patients’ chronic wound problems. Doing so creates an unparalleled partnership that is long-lasting, cost-saving and profitable. Most importantly, CutisCare’s “Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine Centers of Excellence” help to significantly improve patient outcomes for those afflicted with complex, chronic wounds.


We’re facing an aging population, combined with the rise in diabetes,
cardiovascular disease and obesity which has created the need for specialized wound care (and
hyperbaric oxygen therapy) in an underserved patient population:

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Whether you are in the planning phase of establishing a comprehensive wound care center or perhaps re-evaluating your current wound management company or self- managed program, choosing the right partner is critical for success.

CutisCare is committed to working with our hospital partners in their healthcare administration. Our team of experts with conduct a professional consultation and feasibility assessment that:

  • Defines the compelling need for your chronic wound patient population
  • Integrates our wound care and hyperbaric chamber solutions into a hospital’s and healthcare administration’s strategic vision and plan
  • Enables the collaboration to offer solutions that provide measurable benefits in terms of patient and customer reward
CutisCare's business model includes a team of experts conducting assessments with hospital partners