Consider a different approach to Wound Care & Hyperbaric Management

Consider a different approach to Wound Care & Hyperbaric Management

Partners in outpatient wound care

CutisCare, with its flexible and innovative healthcare business models, is poised to provide its hospital partners with the expertise to solve their patients’ chronic wound problems.

CutisCare works with hospital administration and patient care teams to deliver the highest quality hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and wound care solutions. We partner with all types of facilities – from academic health centers to hospital systems and community hospitals – offering solutions customized to the unique needs of the facility and the community.

The CutisCare management team, with more than 60 years of combined experience, has a tremendous track record of partnering with hospitals to deliver outstanding patient outcomes while reducing costs to the healthcare system.

“I’d like to express my great appreciation for your service over the years. The management and staff are very professional and knowledgable. Your response to our needs was very prompt. When we decided to add an additional site for wound care and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy the choice was simple. We decided to extend our relationship to the new site.”

 –  Nabil Atweh MD,FACS,FCCM, FCCP
Surgeon in Chief and Chairman
Department of Surgery
YNHH-Bridgeport Hospital

What’s different about a CūtisCare partnership?

Twenty-five years of service with an unblemished record of compliance and financial stability.

Strong compliance footprint with an embedded company culture of integrity, ethics and compliance. 

Team dedicated to hyperbaric safety, maintenance and implementation with decades of experience with both Monoplace and Multiplace chambers.

Flexible Business Models, customized hospital solutions based on comprehensive hospital needs assessment driving long-lasting partnerships that realize both cost-savings and profitability.

Regional Directors with a limited number of hospital assignments allowing optimum support for hospital partners.

Comprehensive, transparent, custom analytics and reporting to optimize wound healing business.

Medical Advisory Board that provides guidance about current and emerging clinical trends, technology and research.

Physician Panel Development & Mentorship

  • Monoplace and multiplace hyperbaric chamber design and service

  • Web-based and classroom-based clinical education

  • Highly trained hyperbaric technical staff to better ensure compliance

  • Committed focus on hospital outpatient departmental integration

  • Reimbursement updates and medical billing support, including health insurance and Medicare

  • Industry leading community outreach tools and content

CutisCare partners with hospials to provide wound care experts to solve chronic wound problemsCutisCare partners with hospitals to provide wound care experts to solve chronic wound problems