Physician Mentorship With CutisCare

Provide a supportive mentor-mentee learning environment for your physicians

Shared Wisdom With The CūtisCare Medical Advisory Board

At the heart of CūtisCare’s mission is a commitment to be a resource to hospitals by providing the highest quality wound care services. Doing so requires ongoing education and shared wisdom, ensuring your physicians are up to date on the latest wound care case studies, regulatory updates, and providing peer to peer mentorship.

CūtisCare’s Medical Advisory Board, with decades of experience in wound care and hyperbaric medicine, will mentor you or your Wound Healing Center’s Medical Directors and Panel Physicians during the implementation of a new service line as well as supporting your physicians during their tenure in wound care and hyperbarics.

The mentor-mentee relationship includes:

  • Mentor education resource (medical counseling)
  • Complex case review
  • Phone or virtual conversation
  • Assigned mentors during new implementation or transition to CūtisCare wound care management
Physician Mentorship

The Support & Expertise Your Team Needs To Thrive

Wound Solutions and Analytics
Extensive Regulatory Preparations and Monitoring
Clinical Expertise
Community Outreach and Growth
Education and Training Resources
Improved Outcomes and Profitability

As the Chairman of CūtisCare’s Medical Advisory Board and a practicing hyperbaric physician for more than 15 years, I’ve seen how important it is to work as a team. Our physicians come from different specialties, and in our evolving medical field, questions arise at all times.

…we decided to create a physician mentorship program to address questions about the therapy , its safety, indications, complications, or any other questions related to HBO therapy.

Juan O Bravo, MD CWSP
UHM, CūtisCare Medical Advisory Board and Chairman

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Provide a supportive, mentor-to-mentee learning environment that optimizes patient care and creates quality outcomes. That’s what it means to have a CūtisCare partnership. Learn more about how we can help you by scheduling no obligation consultation with our team to learn more about the customizable solutions available. By partnering with CutisCare you are taking the next step to expanding your professional portfolio of services and providing your community with the life-saving treatments they are searching for.

Physician Mentorship